Weekly Health Tip: Nike Training Club App

Do you find yourself coming up with excuses to avoid working out this summer? Thanks to the Nike Training Club app you no longer have any. Sorry.


Excuse #1: I’m too busy
Not enough time to workout? You can choose 15, 30 or 45-minute workouts depending how much time you have. And, you don’t have to factor in driving time to and from the gym.


Excuse #2: I can’t afford a gym membership
Nike Training Club is an exercise app that you can download on your Apple or Android device for FREE.


Excuse #3: I don’t want to workout in front of other people
It includes hundreds of workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home or backyard whenever you want.

Excuse #4: I’m bored of my regular workout routine
With hundreds of different exercise routines and 3 difficulty levels (beginner, intermediate & advanced) you will not get bored, and you can continue to challenge yourself, as the exercises get easier. You can also choose exercises that focus on specific muscle groups. Want to get rid of some junk in the trunk? Give the “Better Butt” workout a try – it’s killer.


Excuse #5: I can’t afford a personal trainer
Each exercise comes with a demo (a video of a real person doing the exercise move for you), and tips on how to do the moves correctly during your workout.

Excuse #6: I get bored doing cardio
The cardio tracks are a combination of a bunch of different moves so you won’t get bored, and you can sync the workouts to your music list on your phone! 

Excuse #7: I’m not motivated
Every time you finish a workout the time you put in is recorded and the app rewards you for hitting milestones. For example, after I put in a total of 60 minutes of workouts I was given access to some awesome smoothie recipes! The more time you put in; the more rewards you get!


Enjoy your workout!


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3 Responses to Weekly Health Tip: Nike Training Club App

  1. Senior August 9, 2013 at 9:17 am #

    Thanks Lauren, I’ll check it out!


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