Vacations Are Always Worth It

…at least that’s what I kept telling myself during the long travel days, and times that I was stuck in the condo trying to get my 4-month old to nap instead of lounging by the pool. This past trip to Florida was the first time we travelled with two kids, and even though there were hard times, it was totally worth it. We learned things about ourselves, about each other, it made us tighter as a family, and overall, travelling pushes you, which makes you learn what you’re made of (and this was just Florida!)


Best. Travel Snack Discovery. Ever. These little suckers taste like banana and chocolate, but they have like 8 different vegetables in them including broccoli and mushrooms. Thank you Air Canada!


I will never get on another flight without the iPad and Cheddar Bunny crackers.

Kicking it out before getting on the flight (I didn’t think twice about putting him on the floor of the airport so I could sip my Starbucks and eat my lunch – poor second child. I will bring a bigger blanket next time)img_2492

Jack finally started using the potty on a daily basis! Thank goodness for warm weather and the option to be naked all the time (except for mandatory fireman’s hat while peeing).


Life with Max on the beach…eating and sleeping…


One of the best parts of my trip was experiencing life through Jack’s eyes…remembering the joy of swimming in the ocean, getting cozy and warm in a towel, and sitting on your dad’s lap to have a snack.


Driving 45 minutes to the zoo only to realize that two-year old son doesn’t really notice he’s at the zoo and would rather chase his cousin everywhere. Capturing the moment he saw a real life giraffe for the first time…worth it.

My goal was to exercise one morning on the beach, but these little beach bums let us do it every morning. Max learned patience and flexibility napping in the stroller for his first nap of the day. Who wouldn’t doze off to the sound of the waves and birds chirping?

I wouldn’t necessarily describe a vacation with two kids relaxing and there were definitely some hard moments, but it made the good moments even better. Someone said to me recently that your kids will never love you as much as they do now, and I remind myself of that everyday. It helps me appreciate them during the good and bad. If you’re scared to travel with your kids, just go for it! It’s worth the week it takes to pack and the exhaustion you’ll feel after the trip.

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