Things I’ve Learned…

It’s been almost 2 months since I left my life in Toronto to travel/study with my husband in South America, and I’ve definitely learned a few things so far…

1. I’ll be fine as long as I can start my day with 1 strong cup of coffee and a banana

2. I can get ready in 30 minutes (I’m talking fully showered, make-up, blow-dry, and bag packed for the day/night considering multiple outing scenarios – Dinner? Bar? Salsa dancing? I’m prepared for all of it)

3. It’s good to break from routine

4. How to go with the flow

5. That being said, I’m a planner, and sometimes don’t respond well to plans being made for me

6. Change is good

7. It’s good to be outside of my comfort zone

8. As long as I have my body and a road I can exercise anywhere

9. I can get by without doing laundry for a lot longer than I thought

10. I love and appreciate my dishwasher

11. I miss my P.V.R.

12. The rules of living a healthy lifestyle can be applied anywhere

13. Waking up at 7:45am with no alarm is amazing (my body was not meant to get up when it’s pitch-black & freezing cold at 6:30am!)

14. I hate them, but I can co-exist with cockroaches & other crazy critters

15. God, family & health are the most important things in life

16. Pets are an important part of life (I miss my puppy!)

17. North Americans pay too much for wine…and champagne, and beer, and vodka

18. A Friday feels the same no matter where you are

19. I take things for granted at home

20. I have an awesome husband (not that I didn’t know that before, but I’ve learned even more great things about him)

21. Toronto is way cleaner & safer than I thought

22. Picking up your dog’s shit is better than the alternative (people of Buenos Aires: it takes 2 seconds to pick up your dog’s shit – JUST DO IT!)

23. I don’t like reptiles living in my toilet

24. I love dictating my own work schedule

25. I have way too many clothes at home

26. I love Spanish music

27. Despite the long winters Canada is a great place to live

28. Being away from home can have its challenges, but I don’t have any regrets

We are taking a mini beach holiday to Punta del Este, Uruguay tomorrow morning, so I’ll write again next week – Ciao!



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