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What are Antioxidants?

Before I started my nutrition course I knew antioxidants were good for me, but I wasn’t exactly sure why or what they were. Basically, when something is classified as an “antioxidant” it prevents molecules from becoming oxidized or becoming free radicals. Free radicals are oxidized or unstable molecules with unpaired electrons. When they are in this […]

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Vitamin B9 or Folic Acid: Veggie Casserole Recipe

We are almost done with B vitamins, I promise. One of the last ones I’m going to talk about is B9 or Folic Acid. This vitamin’s super power is particularly important because of its role in red blood cell production and cell growth & reproduction. This function makes it very important before & during pregnancy […]

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A Woman’s Best Friend

Continuing with the benefits of B vitamins; we’ve made it to Vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine. This vitamin has many benefits, but its super-power is especially helpful for women because it helps balance our hormones and with fluid retention. That being said, it’s usually taken when there is an increase in estrogen; like during pregnancy, when taking […]

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Moving through the Bs

I’m going to talk about two B vitamins today: B2 or Riboflavin and B3 or Niacin because they are quite similar in their functions. B2 plays a key role in energy production by helping your body metabolize fats, proteins & carbs. This means B2 helps your body to use food for energy (like it’s suppposed […]

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Was Happy Hour too Happy?

We’ve all been there. You meet some friends for a cocktail after work with the intention to have one drink and than go home to cook a healthy dinner. But one turns into a few, and because alcohol stimulates the appetite; you end up giving into temptation and ordering some not-so-healthy pub grub off the […]

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