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New Trendy Health Food

I was in Winners the other day, and stumbled across “tigernuts;” one of the new trendy health foods for 2014 (Tip: Winners & Home Sense has a great selection of healthy food products at a lower price point than health food stores). Unlike what their name may suggest, they’re not actually a nut, but a […]

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Chewy Crunchy Fruit & Nut Bars

Managing hunger levels is one of the keys to weight loss & maintenance. One of the easiest ways to manage hunger is to have mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. This ensures that your hunger levels stay consistent throughout the day; never allowing yourself to get to the point of too full or starving. Knowing you have […]

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Holiday Choices for your Health

Lately I’ve noticed that the gym in my building is packed. It seems a bit early for this; usually the influx of gym-goers lasts as long as their New Year’s resolutions: from January to March. As I was running on the treadmill this morning I wondered if the extra people were in here doing guilt […]

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Healthy Chicken Strips

Poultry is considered a healthy protein choice provided: – you avoid eating the skin (full of fat & calories) – it’s not deep fried (roasted, barbequed, pan fried, baked or stewed are healthier ways to prepare poultry) – it’s organic and/or free-from hormones & antibiotics Health benefits of poultry: – high quality protein source: it has […]

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It’s Patio Hunting Season

I find as the weather gets warmer, I want to take advantage of every opportunity to be outside. My husband and I live right downtown and we are literally surrounded by juicy patios. However, with patios comes drinks and with drinks comes extra calories. And of course with warmer weather, comes wearing less clothes; cruel […]

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Get Hot Weather Ready

I know it doesn’t feel like it these days (it’s been raining in Toronto for 5 days straight!), but the warm weather & the long weekend is just around the corner. And with warm weather comes the joy (& reality) of wearing less clothes. We can no longer hide in our big sweaters and puffy coats; […]

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