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Mid-Summer Tips to Stay Fit & Healthy

It is HOT in Southern Ontario right now. We are in the dog days of summer, but we still have weeks of glorious warm weather left! When it comes to healthy eating and weight gain; mid-summer can be tricky for a few reasons: 1. We’ve lost our motivation from Spring & early Summer that comes as a result […]

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How Well Do You Know Your Hunger?

Getting to know your hunger levels will change your relationship with food, and put you back in control. You being in control of food instead food controlling you will allow you to enjoy food again, avoid extreme diets, lose some weight and start living a healthy lifestyle. What do I mean when I say hunger levels? There are […]

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Slow Cooker Thai Chicken Soup

Image Credit I recently spent 2 weeks in Florida with my family and we had a great trip – walks on the beach every morning, swimming, yoga on the beach, sunsets, and BBQ’s on the water. I love going on vacation, but especially with this last trip, I’ve noticed that my body doesn’t. I ate […]

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How to Lose Baby Weight…the Healthy Way

I was chatting with a girlfriend the other day who had her second baby about 2 months ago, and she was frustrated that her body isn’t bouncing back as quickly as it did for baby number one. She filled me in on her daily eating & exercise regime, and I gave her some healthy weight loss […]

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Common Weight Loss Set-Backs

Weight loss and maintenance is a common struggle for many people. When it comes to weight loss strategy I don’t recommend calorie counting and daily weigh-ins. Instead, I like to focus on the individual and the types of foods in their diet. Often times cutting certain foods out of your diet, and replacing them with […]

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Get into the Habit of Mindful Eating

Calories, portion size, lean protein, high-fibre, low fat, and exercise are common strategies when it comes to weight loss & maintenance, but have you heard about mindful eating? This is a weight loss strategy that’s often overlooked, but in my opinion; one of the most important. Mindful eating means that you’re “paying full attention to […]

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How Beyonce Lost her Baby Weight

I read an inspiring article in the Metro the other day about how Beyonce lost her baby weight of 57 pounds in 3 months. No she didn’t do “Wheat Belly” or “The Fast Diet” or eat like a caveman (Paleo diet). She didn’t drink juice all day or only eat raw food. She exercised and […]

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Tips to Stay Slim this Summer

Summer is an amazing time of year in Canada. We suffer through months of cold weather, and truly enjoy every minute of it. That being said, summertime brings with it a lot of temptation (BBQs, cocktails & appies) that can catch up with you if you’re not careful. Here are some tips to stay slim […]

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The Definition of Insanity

“The definition of insanity: to keep doing the same thing and expect different results.”  This is one of my favourite quotes because you can apply it to so many things: losing weight, exercising, breaking habits, saving money, accomplishing a goal (big or small), etc. Let’s talk specifically about weight loss. You have to be prepared to make […]

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