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Tips to Successful Meal Planning

I always tell my clients that one of the most important factors in living a healthy lifestyle is to start meal planning. If you put the time and effort into planning and buying the groceries you’re more likely to make healthy meals from scratch rather than grab something quick and unhealthy in a pinch. Sit down […]

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Holiday Choices for your Health

Lately I’ve noticed that the gym in my building is packed. It seems a bit early for this; usually the influx of gym-goers lasts as long as their New Year’s resolutions: from January to March. As I was running on the treadmill this morning I wondered if the extra people were in here doing guilt […]

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Healthy Living is not Always Easy

I follow a lot of food and nutrition blogs. I enjoy reading about what’s going on in the industry, other nutritionist’s strategies, food trends, and recipe ideas. That being said, I find that some nutritionists give the impression that they’re super human, and never experience temptation or have a craving for a juicy burger. Maybe […]

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