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Perfect Thanksgiving Appetizer: Sweet Potato Hummus

It’s officially fall, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. For the next few months root vegetables & squashes are in season in Ontario, which is awesome because there’s so much you can do with them! You can roast them, steam them, or make soups & stews. And I recently discovered a new way to […]

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Avocado: a Superfood

I just finished reading a book for my course called “How to Give Nutritional Advice Legally” by David W. Rowland, PhD. One of the topics he discusses is the difference between a nutritionist and a doctor. Other than the obvious differences, nutritionists are never to refer to their clients as “patients,” they’re not to diagnose their […]

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It’s Bueno to Keep it Simple

Sometimes I get so caught up in spices, sauces and side dishes that I forget about simple food & flavours. We had a busy day yesterday, and all of sudden it was 7pm and we had to throw dinner together. We have access to a sweet bbq on the farm, so we decided to grill […]

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Safe Sunscreen for 2011

These days everyone knows that one of the best ways to prevent skin cancer and the signs of aging (fine lines & wrinkles) is to wear sunscreen. Your daily moisturizer should have an SPF 30 in it, and you should always wear sunscreen when outside for long periods of time. An SPF 30 is fine […]

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Learn your ABCs and DEs

When I told some of my friends that I was studying to become a nutritionist, and one of my first topics would be vitamins they all breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Great! I just want to know which vitamins I should be taking!” Like I’ve said before, everyone is different and has different […]

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