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Thai Chicken Salad with Healthy Peanut Dressing

I usually pick up a roasted organic chicken from Nature’s Emporium once a week – it makes for a great healthy, easy, yummy weeknight meal. We usually have it with a salad and sweet potato fries or roasted beets. Last night I tried something different with it, and created an awesome Thai Chicken Salad with […]

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Healthy Chicken Strips

Poultry is considered a healthy protein choice provided: – you avoid eating the skin (full of fat & calories) – it’s not deep fried (roasted, barbequed, pan fried, baked or stewed are healthier ways to prepare poultry) – it’s organic and/or free-from hormones & antibiotics Health benefits of poultry: – high quality protein source: it has […]

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Are you a Meal Planner?

I think one of the most important aspects of living a healthy lifestyle is to plan your meals for the week as much as possible. I find if you don’t have something planned you’ll be more likely to grab something fast & easy (which usually means unhealthy) for dinner.  Every Saturday or Sunday, I take […]

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