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Get into the Habit of Mindful Eating

Calories, portion size, lean protein, high-fibre, low fat, and exercise are common strategies when it comes to weight loss & maintenance, but have you heard about mindful eating? This is a weight loss strategy that’s often overlooked, but in my opinion; one of the most important. Mindful eating means that you’re “paying full attention to […]

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Is your Food affecting your Mood?

A healthy digestive system is the key to health. Healthy digestion means you’re absorbing nutrients properly, and eliminating foods every 12-18 hours. Certain foods contribute to healthy digestion such as: –raw veggies: high in fibre & digestive enzymes, -enzyme-rich fruits such as pineapple & papaya (although most fresh fruit is high in fibre), -fibre-rich chia […]

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EASY Quinoa Side-Dish: Mushroom Quinoa Risotto

Image credit: ulanice If you aren’t incorporating quinoa (keen-wa) into your regular diet; than I would highly recommend that you start. Quinoa is unique because it’s actually a seed and is also a complete protein (unlike rice & wheat-based carbs), which makes it great for vegetarian meals. It’s also gluten-free; making it very easy to digest. […]

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The Best Food Combinations

Since I’ve been studying to become a nutritionist; I’ve noticed common themes among the different authors that I’ve read. One of these themes is: the importance of proper digestion. As Dr. John Matsen explains in his book “Eating Alive;” poor digestion can be the cause of many different health problems. One of the things that […]

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Rules for Proper Digestion

I have done a lot of reading & studying over the past 5 months since starting my nutrition course, and a point that keeps coming up is – the importance of proper digestion. Proper digestion ensures that you get the most (absorbing of all the vitamins & minerals) out of the food you eat. Without […]

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