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Are your Vegetables Good for You?

In the last few posts I’ve mentioned the book “The End of Food” by Thomas Pawlick. One of the main things I took away from reading his book is that if we want the quality of our food to improve we all have to start taking steps in the right direction to make that happen. […]

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My Nutrition Evolution

It’s been one year since I started my nutrition course, and I’m almost half-way through the course materials. I started thinking about what I’ve learned over the past year, and how it’s affected me, when John came back with some groceries the other night. His food choices made me realize that I’m not the only […]

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Organic Just Tastes Better: Simple Spicy Steamed Broccoli

  Since I began my nutrition course (5 months ago) I’ve started buying mostly organic produce (especially for the Dirty Dozen). However, sometimes the item I need isn’t available, so I settle for non-organic, and make sure to wash it really well with vinegar water. This hasn’t happened for a while, but the other weekend […]

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An Organic Apple a Day…

I’m an advocate of buying organic food. However, I’m also aware of the fact that most items are more expensive than non-organic. So, which foods can you get away with buying non-organic, and which ones are a must? I recently attended the annual Whole Foods Expo in Toronto and picked up a list from the […]

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The Other Big “O”

‘O’ as in Organic, just in case you were wondering. Before I started studying to become a nutritionist, and became aware of the importance of eating organic I thought of it as a trend. During my weekly grocery shops I considered the organic options, but I wouldn’t buy them because most options are more expensive […]

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