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Are you Motivated to Get Healthy?

I had an amazing session with one of my clients last night. She’s been working with me for 6 weeks now, and she’s starting to see results. She’s an A+ student; making my healthy recipes, buying & eating the foods I tell her to, and avoiding unhealthy foods. She’s putting in the effort, and is […]

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Holiday Choices for your Health

Lately I’ve noticed that the gym in my building is packed. It seems a bit early for this; usually the influx of gym-goers lasts as long as their New Year’s resolutions: from January to March. As I was running on the treadmill this morning I wondered if the extra people were in here doing guilt […]

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No Regrets!

As part of my weekly workout routine; I try to do a 7am spinning class once a week at Goodlife. It requires some planning as I have to pack my bag the night before with my clothes, shower stuff, make-up etc. to get ready for work at the gym the next morning. But when the […]

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Need Some Energy?

I don’t know about you, but the winter is really getting to me this year. I thought that my week in Jamaica would keep me feeling revitalized until at least the beginning of March, but lately I’ve been feeling like the wind is out of my sails. It could be because the temperature has been […]

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Detox – Day 4

I woke up early again this morning (I’m really looking forward to sleeping in a bit tomorrow morning!) and went down to the gym in our building for a workout. I did half an hour of cardio and some push-ups & abs. I split up my 30 minutes of cardio between the treadmill and the […]

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Detox – Day 2

Day 1 of detox was actually quite easy. I would say the hardest part for me was avoiding coffee, a sweet after lunch (there are Lindor chocolates everywhere in my office!) and a glass of wine while I was cooking. But I felt really good when I woke up this morning; the most awake and […]

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