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How Well Do You Know Your Hunger?

Getting to know your hunger levels will change your relationship with food, and put you back in control. You being in control of food instead food controlling you will allow you to enjoy food again, avoid extreme diets, lose some weight and start living a healthy lifestyle. What do I mean when I say hunger levels? There are […]

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Common Weight Loss Set-Backs

Weight loss and maintenance is a common struggle for many people. When it comes to weight loss strategy I don’t recommend calorie counting and daily weigh-ins. Instead, I like to focus on the individual and the types of foods in their diet. Often times cutting certain foods out of your diet, and replacing them with […]

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Get into the Habit of Mindful Eating

Calories, portion size, lean protein, high-fibre, low fat, and exercise are common strategies when it comes to weight loss & maintenance, but have you heard about mindful eating? This is a weight loss strategy that’s often overlooked, but in my opinion; one of the most important. Mindful eating means that you’re “paying full attention to […]

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