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Premium Fuel for your Body

It’s common knowledge that eating raw fruits & vegetables are good for you, but do you really know why? Yes, they’re full of vitamins & minerals, but why are vitamins & minerals important? It all comes down to one thing: enzymes. Enzymes are biological catalysts, which very simply means: they make things happen in our […]

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Weight-Training = More Bang for your Buck

Exercising on a regular basis is an extremely important aspect of living a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend exercising at least 3 days per week, and doing something else active every other day of the week (ex. walking the dog, choosing the stairs vs. the elevator, playing a team sport, walking vs. driving when possible, […]

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Get Hot Weather Ready

I know it doesn’t feel like it these days (it’s been raining in Toronto for 5 days straight!), but the warm weather & the long weekend is just around the corner. And with warm weather comes the joy (& reality) of wearing less clothes. We can no longer hide in our big sweaters and puffy coats; […]

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The last of the B vitamins

Biotin, choline and inositol are the last of the B vitamins, and they are often grouped together because they all have a similar function, which is to help your body metabolize fats. In fact, they are often supplemented in weight loss programs, and can be helpful in reducing the progression of atherosclerosis (disease caused by […]

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