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Do Kids Really Need Cow’s Milk?

  Photo Source These days it seems like the natural progression for kids, after being weened off breast milk or formula, is to move to cow’s milk. Children need a certain amount of fat and calcium to replace the breast milk or formula that they were used to getting everyday so cow’s milk seems like […]

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Best Dairy-Free Options

I’ve noticed there are more dairy-free options available in the grocery stores lately. Things like almond, rice and soy milk have been around for a while, but the other day I noticed hemp milk and almond yogurt are also available. This may be due to the growing trend of more health-conscious consumers. Or perhaps people […]

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Superfood: Hemp Seeds

Photo Source John and I were at the St. Lawrence Market this past Saturday picking up some wild salmon for dinner, a yummy cheese to pair with Pinot Noir, and some chia seeds (we seem to be going through a lot of these little suckers lately). When we were scooping out our chia seeds, a customer […]

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