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Stay Moist this Winter!

It’s been a bit of a shock coming back from Jamaica to freezing cold temperatures. But it’s not only the cold that’s getting to me; it’s the dry air. I got so used to the humid climate in Jamaica, and now I’m drying up like a raisin. My skin is dry, my hair is dry, […]

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Ottawa, Jamaica, Toronto, Barbados…

Sorry for the break in blog posts, but life has been quite busy since we got back from South America! Here’s a little update… We got back from Santiago on Thursday, March 29th, and left the next day for Ottawa to see the in-laws and our puppy Fisher. It was so good to see everyone, […]

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Yea Mon!

After a much needed vacation in sunny Jamaica it’s back to reality. The -20 degree frigid weather was a pretty harsh reality, but it’s good to be home anyways. Our trip was amazing! My sister’s wedding was beautiful and the resort we went to was awesome. We stayed at Couples Swept Away in Negril, which […]

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