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Crispy Smashed Potatoes with Avocado Aioli

I don’t eat white potatoes very often. I usually choose sweet potatoes because they’re lower on the glycemic index, and high in fibre and beta-carotene. But, my husband loves white potatoes so we had them for a treat the other night. Instead of the standard roast or mashed potatoes we did something a little different: […]

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Weekly Health Tip: I Love Mustard!

You should make mustard your condiment of choice for a few reasons: – Low in calories: Dijon has 5 cals per tsp, and Yellow Mustard has 0 cals! – Mustard seeds contain selenium (an potent antioxidant) and omega-3 healthy fats – Yellow mustard contains turmeric, which is an anti-inflammatory, and good for the health of […]

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