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New Trendy Health Food

I was in Winners the other day, and stumbled across “tigernuts;” one of the new trendy health foods for 2014 (Tip: Winners & Home Sense has a great selection of healthy food products at a lower price point than health food stores). Unlike what their name may suggest, they’re not actually a nut, but a […]

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Healthy Trend Alert: Kombucha

With very little extra time on my hands this summer I can always count on my guest blogger Sarah Berneche to come through in the clutch. She also keeps me in the loop with what’s trendy in the health industry these days. Lately it’s all about fermented foods! In this post she goes into detail […]

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Fiber 101

I find there is a lot of fiber hype out there these days, but do you know why it’s important to get enough, how much your daily fiber intake should be, and what the best sources are? I’ll tell you right now; eating a Fiber 1 granola bar daily is not the answer.  There are two […]

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