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Cookies for Breakfast?

When I think of healthy breakfast I think of smoothies, healthy muffins, sprouted toast with coconut oil and natural nut butter, yogurt with healthy granola, cookies…wait, cookies? Yup! I recently discovered a recipe for Healthy Breakfast Cookies that taste good, and are full of the breakfast staples: bran flakes, oats, milk, Greek yogurt and eggs. My 2-year […]

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Almond Chocolate Haystacks

In my opinion there’s nothing better than enjoying a healthy, guilt-free dessert. I whipped up these healthy cookies yesterday afternoon so I would have a batch of healthy cookies going into the week. What makes them healthy you ask? Natural sweetness from the mashed banana, raisins and coconut palm sugar (coconut sugar is unique because it doesn’t spike […]

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

I love enjoying something sweet after dinner, but I have some criteria: it has to be small and it has to be a healthy choice. I try to have healthy cookies in my freezer at all times or some dark chocolate (Zazubean is one of my fav healthy brands pictured below) & dates in the […]

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Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I find a lot of healthy cookie recipes require at least 3 ripe bananas, which is fine for the average person who may not be a very good banana planner. I happen to be an amazing banana planner, and rarely have over-ripe bananas in my freezer. I love this recipe for healthy oatmeal cookies (adapted […]

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Ingredient of the Week: Spelt

I love sweet snacks & desserts, but I try to avoid anything store-bought or pre-packaged. For me, it has to be homemade so I know exactly what’s in it or more importantly, what’s not in it: refined sugar, white flour, tons of butter & oil, hydrogenated oil or trans fats, preservatives, refined soy products, etc. […]

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Healthy Ice Cream

Ok maybe I shouldn’t call this ice cream, but it’s a really good fake. And this is coming from a girl who has high ice cream standards. Not only is ice cream my fav dessert, but Buenos Aires has some of the best helado (ice cream) I’ve ever had. They have a flavor here called […]

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My Nutrition Evolution

It’s been one year since I started my nutrition course, and I’m almost half-way through the course materials. I started thinking about what I’ve learned over the past year, and how it’s affected me, when John came back with some groceries the other night. His food choices made me realize that I’m not the only […]

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Healthy Brownie Recipe

You may be noticing a trend here. I scout out healthy versions of my favourite treats: cookies, muffins and now brownies. I rarely eat brownies because they pack a big calorie punch and are high in fat & refined sugar. The problem is; I really like brownies. They are so good when warmed up with some frozen […]

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