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Weekly Health Tip: Is Brown Sugar Better than White Sugar?

The idea that brown sugar is better for you than white sugar is a common misconception. Maybe because we associate brown food with healthy choices – brown bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta…you get the point. The fact is brown sugar is just refined white sugar with molasses added to it to make it brown. […]

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Foods to Avoid at the Grocery Store

My posts are usually pretty light & fluffy; I share healthy recipes, health tips, my travel pictures, etc. This post is a little different in that you may not like what I’m about to say – especially if you buy these items on a regular basis. Since completing my nutrition course I’ve learned a lot […]

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Holiday Choices for your Health

Lately I’ve noticed that the gym in my building is packed. It seems a bit early for this; usually the influx of gym-goers lasts as long as their New Year’s resolutions: from January to March. As I was running on the treadmill this morning I wondered if the extra people were in here doing guilt […]

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Mini Beach Vacation

We got home late Sunday night after our long weekend/mini beach vacation in Uruguay, and this week has been all about getting back on track for me. Uruguay was amazing. We stayed in a little beachy surfer town called La Barra, which is about a 10-minute drive from the main town of Punta Del Este. […]

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Party Hearty and Healthy!

During the holiday season it can be really hard to eat healthy and find the time to exercise, which is why the average person gains 10-15 pounds between mid-December and January. So with all the holiday parties coming up it’s important to get educated and go in with a plan! First of all, make sure […]

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