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Choose High Quality Treats

There are certain foods that I consider treats and that should be consumed in moderation. Things like chips, popcorn, red meat and dessert. That being said, just because I consider them a treat doesn’t mean I don’t care about the quality. In fact, because I’m consuming these foods in moderation, I’m willing to spend a […]

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Healthy Living is all about Balance (and healthy chocolate)

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance & long-term sustainable change. I don’t like diets because they’re extreme and yield short-term results. What option sounds more appealing? 1. 2 weeks of “no-dessert allowed” followed by 2 weeks of going crazy with dessert because you’ve deprived yourself for 2 weeks, followed by guilt and another […]

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More Reasons to Love Chocolate

I made those Peanut Butter Brownies you see there. They’re gluten-free, flourless, eggless and have no butter or refined sugar. Want to know the best part? They’re healthy, easy to make and delicious. Tempted? Check out my guest post on The Living Kitchen Wellness blog for some health facts about chocolate, and my Peanut Butter […]

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I’m back, and I brought chocolate!

I wrote my final nutrition exam on Saturday, mailed it today, and the next step is seeing my name on a diploma that says: Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I just want to thank all my friends & family for all their support throughout this whole process. The last 2 years has been a long road, but I’ve loved learning […]

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