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Exercising with a Colombian Twist

Working out is really important to me. Not only for staying in shape & staying healthy, but for the mental benefits as well. When you raise your heart rate your body releases endorphins, which can be described as a natural anti-depressant. Sweating gets rid of built-up toxins, and you feel more energetic & sharp after […]

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Weight-Training = More Bang for your Buck

Exercising on a regular basis is an extremely important aspect of living a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend exercising at least 3 days per week, and doing something else active every other day of the week (ex. walking the dog, choosing the stairs vs. the elevator, playing a team sport, walking vs. driving when possible, […]

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No Regrets!

As part of my weekly workout routine; I try to do a 7am spinning class once a week at Goodlife. It requires some planning as I have to pack my bag the night before with my clothes, shower stuff, make-up etc. to get ready for work at the gym the next morning. But when the […]

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