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Want to Plan, Shop & Cook Like a Pro? There’s an App for That.

            A big part of my health philosophy as a nutritionist is that I don’t believe in diets or quick fixes; I believe in living a healthy lifestyle. What does that mean to me? It’s all about finding a healthy balance when it comes to food, eating and exercise (I always […]

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Easy Juicy Roast Chicken

Photo Credit One of the go-to meals in our house is a free-from roast chicken from Superstore with sweet potato fries and a salad. We have it every Monday. It’s easy, and provides leftovers for lunch the next day. Unfortunately, the free-from chickens aren’t available all the time, and I want to avoid the giant hormone […]

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Are you Suffering from Estrogen Dominance?

Hormones play such an important role in our health and how we feel. A hormonal imbalance can trigger everything from acne to anxiety. Often times people will complain that they “feel off” or “just don’t feel like themselves.” Usually those feelings can be attributed to a hormonal imbalance, and for women aged 35 – 50; […]

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Are your Vegetables Good for You?

In the last few posts I’ve mentioned the book “The End of Food” by Thomas Pawlick. One of the main things I took away from reading his book is that if we want the quality of our food to improve we all have to start taking steps in the right direction to make that happen. […]

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Tis the Season!

One of the things I love about Spring-time in Ontario is the fresh, local produce that is readily available and on sale. I don’t worry as much about buying organic when I know the produce is from Ontario or Quebec. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, when produce travels thousands of miles or is stored for […]

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An Organic Apple a Day…

I’m an advocate of buying organic food. However, I’m also aware of the fact that most items are more expensive than non-organic. So, which foods can you get away with buying non-organic, and which ones are a must? I recently attended the annual Whole Foods Expo in Toronto and picked up a list from the […]

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