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Moving to the Country!

Sorry if I’ve been a little MIA lately, but it’s been busy! We sold our condo, and bought a new house with 2.5 acres – yup, I’m moving to the country! Well, it’s 45 minutes north of Toronto, but it’s going to be a big change. I’m excited though! I’ll finally have my organic vegetable […]

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Healthy, Glowing Skin Starts on the Inside

The beauty & cosmetic industries are always coming out with a new cream, cleanser, cover-up or toner that promises to make fine lines & wrinkles disappear, and leave you with healthy, glowing, youthful skin. Unfortunately using unnatural products that are full of chemicals to improve the look of your skin is a common misconception. If […]

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Are you Suffering from Estrogen Dominance?

Hormones play such an important role in our health and how we feel. A hormonal imbalance can trigger everything from acne to anxiety. Often times people will complain that they “feel off” or “just don’t feel like themselves.” Usually those feelings can be attributed to a hormonal imbalance, and for women aged 35 – 50; […]

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Healthy Beauty Products I Love

In a recent post I briefly touched on David Suzuki’s Shopper’s Guide, which lists the “Dirty Dozen Ingredients to Avoid in your Cosmetics,” and I promised I would share with you my healthy beauty regime. I’ll have to admit, when I first saw the “Shoppers Guide” a few months ago, and realized that almost every […]

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