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Do Cheetahs drink Giraffe’s milk?

No, but humans drink cow’s milk. As Dr. Joey Shulman points out in her book ‘Winning the Food Fight,’ “Humans are the only creatures that drink milk from the mother of another species.” I’ve never thought of it this way, and it sort of grossed me out. We’ve been taught that ‘milk does a body […]

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Diet Pop isn’t Worth It

I’ve just started on the case study section of my nutrition course, which is really interesting because I’m actually starting to apply what I’ve learned over the past 5 months. As an introduction, I was given a real case study to use as an example, and an interesting fact about diet pop came out of it […]

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Ch Ch Ch CHIA! Overnight Chia Oatmeal Recipe

Remember that commercial for Chia pets? It looked like it was made in the 70s and had a catchy jingle? You could call and order, and in a few weeks a bag of chia seeds would arrive with a clay pot shaped like an animal (I seem to recall a sheep), and all you had to […]

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