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Avocado: a Superfood

I just finished reading a book for my course called “How to Give Nutritional Advice Legally” by David W. Rowland, PhD. One of the topics he discusses is the difference between a nutritionist and a doctor. Other than the obvious differences, nutritionists are never to refer to their clients as “patients,” they’re not to diagnose their […]

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It’s Bueno to Keep it Simple

Sometimes I get so caught up in spices, sauces and side dishes that I forget about simple food & flavours. We had a busy day yesterday, and all of sudden it was 7pm and we had to throw dinner together. We have access to a sweet bbq on the farm, so we decided to grill […]

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Stress Management

I love this time of year, but it can be overwhelming. On top of your regular schedule; there are a lot of extra ‘to dos’ in your calendar that can leave you feeling stressed out. Just look at the expression on people’s faces when you’re walking around these days – sheer panic.   Being stressed out […]

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Choose Whole Grains: Wheatberry Salad Recipe

I recently discovered wheatberries, and I’m in love. Not only do they have a great texture & nutty flavour, but they are a whole grain! This means they include all 3 parts of the grain – the germ, bran & endosperm (only the inedible hull is removed), which are usually removed during processing to make […]

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The last of the B vitamins

Biotin, choline and inositol are the last of the B vitamins, and they are often grouped together because they all have a similar function, which is to help your body metabolize fats. In fact, they are often supplemented in weight loss programs, and can be helpful in reducing the progression of atherosclerosis (disease caused by […]

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Was Happy Hour too Happy?

We’ve all been there. You meet some friends for a cocktail after work with the intention to have one drink and than go home to cook a healthy dinner. But one turns into a few, and because alcohol stimulates the appetite; you end up giving into temptation and ordering some not-so-healthy pub grub off the […]

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Introducing…B Vitamins! Butternut Squash Coconut Curry Stew

B vitamins need an introduction because there are so many of them, and they are really important, so I want to make sure I do them justice. First of all they are considered a water-soluble vitamin, which means they are found in plant foods, our bodies don’t store them (like fat-soluble vitamins) and they are easily lost […]

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