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10 Ways to Make Your Recipes Healthier

When it comes to healthy living one of my main philosophies is that I don’t believe in diets or quick fixes. I believe in learning how to make healthy choices everyday that lead to living a healthy lifestyle. Once you know what those healthy choices are you’re free! No more counting calories, or depriving yourself […]

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Do Cheetahs drink Giraffe’s milk?

No, but humans drink cow’s milk. As Dr. Joey Shulman points out in her book ‘Winning the Food Fight,’ “Humans are the only creatures that drink milk from the mother of another species.” I’ve never thought of it this way, and it sort of grossed me out. We’ve been taught that ‘milk does a body […]

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Does your Cereal Pass the Test?

I know I’ve blogged about homemade muesli & cereal a bunch of times, but it’s because I love cereal, and after trying many different brands I’ve realized that making it myself is the healthiest option (it’s also easy, yummy & cheap). There are very few pre-made cereal options out there that pass my healthy cereal […]

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Island Living

Island living is pretty sweet so far. We arrived in Barbados on Tuesday afternoon, and we are staying in a little studio apartment on Rockley Golf Course, and are about a 10-minute walk to the closest beach. We’ve been getting up at 7:30am each morning, going for a jog, and swimming in the ocean – […]

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Was Happy Hour too Happy?

We’ve all been there. You meet some friends for a cocktail after work with the intention to have one drink and than go home to cook a healthy dinner. But one turns into a few, and because alcohol stimulates the appetite; you end up giving into temptation and ordering some not-so-healthy pub grub off the […]

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