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John and I spent the last few days in Toronto, and I kind of felt like a tourist in my own city. We stayed with my sister and her hubbie in The Beach, and I loved it. As I walked their French bull-dog puppy Olive along Queen street I noticed so many options for healthy, high quality food! Fish mongers, organic butchers, health-food stores, and frozen yogurt (with vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free options!).

On Sunday we picked up fresh, Canadian salmon from their fish monger on Queen street, and fresh produce from one of many fruit & veggie stands. We made baked Dijon mustard/maple glazed salmon with a yummy salad – so good.

Monday we watched the Sens/Rangers game (Go Sens Go!), and I have to be honest with you…we ordered cheeseburgers & fries from The Burger’s Priest. I’m sorry, but it’s a must-try when you’re in the east end. The burgers are very simple (cheese, tomatoes, onions, pickles & lettuce), but the beef is fresh-ground everyday, and the buns are bomb. It was delicious.

Cheeseburger from Burger's Priest - looks a little different than the images below!

On Tuesday I met my girlfriend & her brand-new, perfect baby boy for lunch in Yorkville. We went to Rawlicious, a restaurant I’ve been dying to check out forever. All the options on their menu are raw, vegetarian & vegan. I know, sounds kind of annoying & sort of gross, but it’s not. I ordered the Taco Wrap, and my girlfriend ordered the Pad Thai – both options were delish.

The Pad Thai was made with zucchini & kelp noodles, which tasted very similar to real noodles, and traditional pad thai flavors. The Taco Wrap was wrapped in a big lettuce leaf, and stuffed with avocado, tomato, nut loaf, & nut cheese (I think these are both made with cashews). The textures & flavors in both dishes were excellent. I would definitely recommend this place. Just be careful if you have allergies, as most dishes are made with seeds & nuts.

After my lunch date I took the Queen street car back to The Beach, and checked out the cutest grocery store called: “Meat on the Beach.” I picked up a free-from roasted chicken, sweet potatoes & parsnips. For dinner we enjoyed the chicken with sweet potato & parsnip fries and a salad with peppers, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, green onion & dill – so good (and a bit healthier than the cheeseburgers).

Along with enjoying the company of my family & friends, I loved the fact that I was in my city again. I could understand the language, I wasn’t terrified on public transit, I could wear jewelry, and I could go out on my own! I guess it’s true what they say: absence makes the heart grow fonder.

That being said – I can’t wait to start living the island life in sunny Barbados next week!

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  1. Sara April 24, 2012 at 6:36 am #

    We LOVED having you guys. Safe flight to Barbados today! Call me soon xo.

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      Thank you!

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