In a Pinch?

One of the most important aspects of living a healthy lifestyle is to include wholesome, natural foods into your diet as much as possible. Making your own food using organic & local ingredients vs. buying packaged & processed food is key to good health.

That being said life is busy, and the reason many people buy packaged food is because it’s quick & easy. Well not all packaged foods are created equal; there are healthier options out there, and I want to make you aware of them so the next time you’re in a pinch, you choose one of these options vs. the unhealthy alternative. Becoming educated about healthy choices is what living a healthy lifestyle is all about.*

Here’s my (on-going) list of healthy packaged food options and where you can find them:

JK Gourmet (granola, granola bars, baking mixes): Loblaws
Grainstorm (baking mixes: muffins, loafs, waffles & pancake mix): Loblaws
Liberte Plain Yogurt: Costco
Silver Hills Bakery Sprouted Bread: Loblaws
CocoVie Coconut Jam: Loblaws
Europe’s Best wild blueberries or local Canadian frozen wild blueberries: Metro, Loblaws

Amy’s Kitchen organic frozen entrees & burritos: your local grocery store
Blue Menu Falafels: Loblaws
Blue Menu Ready-to-Serve Soups: Loblaws
Sunflower Seeds & Oats Ryvita Crispbread (your local grocery store) with Fontaine Sante Hummus: Costco
Fontaine Sante Taboule or Three-Bean Salads: Costco

Sausage King all-natural sausages: St. Lawrence Market
Beretta Farms pre-roasted chickens: some Loblaws locations
White Linen Collection All-Natural Marinara Sauce: Costco
Ocean Jewel Wild Salmon: Wal-Mart (make sure package says MSC certified)
Captain Highliner Wild Salmon: Metro, Loblaws (make sure package says MSC certified)

Mary’s Organic Crackers: Costco
Taste of Nature Organic Granola Bars: Costco
Enerjive Crackers: Loblaws
Nativa Organics Popcorn Kernels: Shoppers Drug Mart
Way Better Snacks chips: Specialty Grocery stores
Food Should Taste Good chips: Metro, Loblaws
PC Organics Edamame: Loblaws

Camino Organic Chocolate Bars: Loblaws
Chimes Ginger Chews: Loblaws
Pur Gum: Health Food Stores
Giddy YoYo chocolate: Health Food stores

I’d love to keep adding to my list – email me your favorite, healthy packaged food choices!

*Aim to make your meals & snacks from scratch 80% of the time. Planning is key; going through the grocery store flyer, and creating a meal plan for the week every Saturday will help you get organized, and keep you commited to making your food from vs. buying packaged.