No Regrets!

As part of my weekly workout routine; I try to do a 7am spinning class once a week at Goodlife. It requires some planning as I have to pack my bag the night before with my clothes, shower stuff, make-up etc. to get ready for work at the gym the next morning. But when the class is over I’m always glad I got my butt out of bed. Spinning is a great workout, and it clears my head & gives me energy for the day.

When I first started doing this, I used to dread getting ready for work in the locker room; but I’m used to it now, and have started to notice some interesting conversations that go on. This morning two women (one in her 60s, and the other in her 50s) were talking about how much they enjoy working out, and the lady in her 50s said she regretted not starting earlier in life. She had just started incorporating it into her routine, and realized how important it is as part of a healthy lifestyle.

This conversation got me thinking about regret and that it’s probably one of the worst feelings to have. (it also could have been the episode of the Bachelor “The Women Tell All” last night. Come on, admit it – you watched & enjoyed it. The cute dentist girl was saying how she regretted so many things about her time with Brad before she got the boot. She felt that if she had done things differently, he wouldn’t have kicked her off, and they could have worked out. I felt sorry for her). However, the thing about regret is that you can make it go away by making a change in your life.

Is there something in your life that you’ve always wanted to do? A goal you want to accomplish, or a change you want to make. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about adding exercise to your weekly routine, or making changes in your diet to get healthy. For me, it was taking the necessary steps towards changing my career to something that I’m passionate about. It was scary to sign up for a Distance Ed. Program while working full time, but now that I’m doing it I won’t be left with that feeling of regret because I made a change in my life. If there’s something you regret not doing the only way to fix that feeling is to get out of your comfort zone, make a change and go for it.

Even though that woman has regrets about not working out when she was younger, at least she’s made the decision to start now. And now that she’s starting to experience the benefits of exercising on a regular basis I’m sure she’ll think less & less about her regrets.

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2 Responses to No Regrets!

  1. Lauren Slayton March 9, 2011 at 4:24 am #

    You’re so right change blunts regret. We all watched the bachelor and regardless of how silly the show is there girls, I would think, have the opportunity to change based on what transpired. We’re all lucky enough to change our path and actions to evolve. Good luck with your changes.

    • Lauren March 11, 2011 at 1:07 pm #

      Thanks Lauren! Yea, it seems that despite the dentist’s regrets; she learned something from her experience, and will behave differently in her next relationship. It’s amazing how a show like the Bachelor can spark so much discussion:)

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