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Tomorrow we’re leaving this freezing cold polar vortex and going to Medellin, Colombia for 2 weeks. It’s Jack’s first time in South America, and I can’t wait to show him one of my favorite cities. We’re staying with our friends in their condo, and they also have a baby who is a few months younger than Jack so we’re all in the same boat!


I’m no expert as Jack’s only been on a plane twice now, but it’s sink or swim travelling with a baby so you develop strategies quickly. We’re in a pretty good routine at home, but I throw that out the window on a travel day, and just make sure he’s fed, and manages to get some sleep (naps in the stroller while cruising around the airport is a great technique). When we arrive at our destination, no matter what time it is, I follow our bedtime routine from home, and he usually sleeps really well.

Some of my mommy friends asked me what I do for solid food when travelling so I’ll share some of my tips. Jack is 9 and a half months old, which is a little tricky because he only has 2 teeth, and I have to watch his sodium intake so he can’t eat exactly what we eat. Colombia has some amazing healthy food options, and I’m going to take a few things from home for the plane, and when we’re on the go during the day.

Food I’m taking with us to Colombia:

Mamma Chia Squeeze Tubes: chia is a great source of iron, calcium, fibre and healthy fats. The squeeze tubes are great for on the go, but I’m also bringing chia seeds to add to his morning rice cereal.

Hemp Seeds: a great source of vegetarian protein and healthy fats. I can easily add a spoon or two to his meals for a quick protein hit.

Apple Snax Squeeze Tubes: I found organic apple sauce squeeze tubes at Costco recently, and am bringing some along for a healthy snack on the go – the best part is no spoon or bib required.

Organic Brown Rice Cereal: it’s doesn’t weigh very much, and is a great source of iron and B vitamins.

PC Organic Rice Crackers and Organic Baby Gourmet Mushiesperfect snacks for on the plane to keep him occupied.


Healthy food available in Colombia:

Bananas: are grown locally in Colombia and Jack loves them. They make for a great snack or addition to his breakfast or lunch.

Avocado: is pretty much considered a food group in Colombia – they sell them on the street when you’re stopped at a light! Avocados are a source of healthy fats & protein, and the perfect addition to any meal.

Egg yolks: an amazing source of protein & healthy fats. The egg white contains many different strands of protein, which is why many people are allergic to eggs. This is also why it’s recommended to avoid giving eggs whites to children under the age of 1. The yolks contain all the vitamins, minerals and healthy fats!

Beans: are a Saturday lunch tradition in Medellin, and a great source of vegetarian protein, healthy carbs and fibre.

Variety of Fruits & Vegetables: the weather in Colombia is ideal for growing all kinds of fruits & vegetables. We are staying in a condo most of the time so I’ll steam, mash & puree whatever is available. I’m looking forward to giving Jack papaya – one of my faves, and rich in digestive enzymes!

Travelling with Jack is very different from when John and I used to travel just the two of us. Forget about cocktails, getting any sleep or watching movies on the plane. It’s taken multiple lists, and an entire week to pack, but it’s an adventure. Stay tuned for updates from Colombia!

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