Merry Christmas!!

Frozen Lake

Today is the busiest travel day of the year; everyone is on their way to go celebrate the season with loved ones. Wherever your final destination, or if people are coming to you; here are a few last minute reminders to ensure a healthy, happy & relaxing Christmas:

Don’t forget about fruit & veggies
Wherever you are for Christmas, don’t forget to include healthy, fresh, wholesome food into your daily diet. You’re bound to indulge in some holiday treats & cocktails so its important to eat nutritious food to avoid getting sick, and to keep you feeling healthy & energetic. Include a couple clementines (source of vitamin C & fiber) with breakfast or for snacks, offer to cut up raw veggies (source of digestive enzymes, vitamins & minerals) for a crudite appetizer, and load up on the veggie dishes like brussel sprouts & broccoli at your turkey dinner (brassica veggies are high in vitamin K, which can prevent bags & dark circles under the eyes).

Do something active everyday
Did you know you burn more calories when you exercise in cold weather? This is because your body is working double-time to keep you warm as well! Don’t let the snow or cold temperatures stop you. Over the holidays, aim to do something active everyday: Bundle up and go for a brisk winter walk with the family, if you’re at a cottage or in the country; go for a cross country ski, sledding or build a snowman. Not only will this help you maintain your weight over the holidays, but it will increase your energy and put you in a jolly mood. Plus it’s cozy to come in from the cold after being active, and warm up by the fire.

Make time for you
While being around loved ones at this time of year is what it’s all about; it’s important to take a bit of time each day for yourself. Whether that means sitting somewhere alone & reading a magazine, listening to some calming music (Handel’s Messiah is one of my favs), going for a walk or doing a yoga class. This is a special time of year so it’s important to relax & enjoy, and sometimes that means turning off the noise around you for 30 minutes each day.

Have a Healthy & Merry Christmas!!




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