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This past week in Colombia has been amazing. We spent some time in the city, and than we were invited to our friend’s finca (like a cottage, but Colombian style) in Sante Fe – a beautiful little vacation town about an hour from Medellin.


Lunch date with my boys in Medellin. I brought some egg yolk and banana for Jack, but he’s getting to the age where he can eat more things so I shared my chicken & quinoa with him, and he loved it!


Colombia has amazing food. Some of it healthier than others – my lunch pictured above – chicken with an arugula & quinoa salad is an example of a healthy choice. I’ve been working out, and trying to grab some healthy meals when I can, but I think it’s also important to enjoy yourself when you’re on vacation and enjoy the local cuisine. Pan de queso (cheese bread) and patacones (fried plantain cakes) are some of my favorite indulgences. I’ve also been enjoying the Saturday beans tradition: bean soup (dried beans soaked overnight, and cooked for about 2 hours the next morning) topped with avocado, coconut rice, plantains, hogau and fresh squeezed lulo juice. I’m going to attempt my own Colombian bean recipe when I get home. I’ve also been enjoying a cup of Colombian coffee with a banana every morning.


There’s a great little park that’s part of the condo property; Jack and I go down most days for a park date and to soak up the beautiful weather.


Cooking in at the condo – BBQ’d salmon and veggies!


 Beautiful sunrise at the finca in Sante Fe where we spent the weekend.


The finca property was incredible, and the staff used a lot of the food that was grown on the property to prepare the meals and snacks. The first thing we had on Saturday afternoon when we arrived was a tradtional Colombian snack: green mango (raw mango) with lime & salt, served with a cold beer – perfect on a hot afternoon.



Tamarind fruit was also grown on the property. I’ve had it prepared in a savoury sauce, but never fresh from the tree. It was sweet with a chewy texture, and apparently it helps with digestion issues.



 Purple mangosteen is a type of Colombian fruit that is considered a big treat. The white part of the fruit is edible, and tastes similar to grapes. Served cold, it is the perfect refreshing snack on a hot day.


Sunday evening we decided to go into the small town of Sante Fe to the outdoor market. They were selling everything from local food & spices to handmade jewelry. We treated ourselves to a local delicacy – a fried arepa (corn tortilla) filled with cheese and drizzled with sweet milk – amazing.


We leave early this Thursday morning, and I’m definitely going to miss Colombia. We were privileged enough to experience the true Colombia, and I have to say I’ve fallen in love with this country – the people, the hospitality, the food, the music…there’s something comforting and easy about going back home, but it was totally worth the adventure.

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