It’s Peachy!

July and August in Ontario is peach season, and is something you have to take advantage of. We don’t get a lot of warm weather so it’s important to buy local produce when it’s in season. Not only are you supporting the local farmers, but the produce tastes amazing, and is very affordable.

I was so excited yesterday that I bought 3lbs of Ontario peaches for only $2.99. I than realized my husband is allergic, and I will be eating 3lbs of peaches by myself. Not to worry, I’ve decided to chop and freeze what I can’t it and save them for a later time.

For now though, I can have them as a topping on Greek yogurt, add them to my oatmeal or cereal, warm them up with cinnamon for dessert or add them to smoothies.  

I also noticed that Ontario cantalopes are available – 2 for $5.00.

Enjoy the fruits of summer before it’s over!

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