How to Fight a Summer Cold


There is a nasty summer cold going around right now, and I’ve been hit with it. My goal is to try and fight it without taking cold meds (I once started hallucinating on Nyquil!) by drinking lots of water and upping my Vitamin C intake. In my studies, I’ve learned that Vitamin C cannot cure the common cold, but it can strengthen your immune system and reduce the severity & length of your cold. I’ll take what I can get at this point.

If you’re also suffering from a cold right now, go out and pick up a good quality Vitamin C supplement. I just picked up one by “Sisu.” It’s an Ester-C supplement with 600 mg of vitamin C per capsule. This one is better than other C supplements for a few reasons:

-it’s well absorbed by your body because it’s made up of calcium-ascorbate
-it’s well-coated so it won’t bother your stomach
-the capsule shells are made with vegetable materials, so you’re not consuming any unnatural additives

You can also include more vitamin C-rich fruits & veggies into your diet such as:
(listed in order of high to low in terms of amount of mg’s of vitamin C)

-red bell peppers
-brussel sprouts (be sure to steam instead of boil to retain more of the vitamins/nutrients)
-lemon & lime (squeeze the juice in your water!)
-cantaloupe (Ontario cantaloupes are in season right now!)
-banana (yes! they’re my fav)

All of these fruits & veggies are high in other vitamins & minerals as well, so even if you’re not suffering from a cold, it would do your body good to incorporate a variety of the above into your diet on a regular basis.

Stay healthy!


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