Healthy Popcorn

I recently discovered something truly amazing: how to make my own healthy microwave popcorn using organic kernels and a brown paper lunch bag. Trust me; this is really exciting for all the health-conscious popcorn lovers out there.

I used to buy the light butter microwave popcorn because I thought it was healthy, but unfortunately the more I learn about nutrition; a lot of the foods I used to buy no longer make the cut.

Packaged microwave popcorn (even the organic type) contain bad fats, butter flavor aka chemicals, and a waxy chemical lining in the bag. Did you ever feel like there was a film on the roof of your mouth after eating microwave popcorn? Not good.

I consider popcorn to be a healthy choice when it comes to snacks. It’s perfect when you’re craving a salty snack, but want to avoid all the calories and fat from chips. Popcorn is low in calories, a whole grain, gluten-free, and a great source of fiber, protein & antioxidants. That being said, make sure you always buy organic kernels to ensure that it’s non-GMO (genetically modified).

So how do you get all the health benefits of popcorn without all the bad fats & chemicals? It’s simple:

  1. Buy brown paper bags & organic popcorn kernels (you can buy a big jar for $5 at Shopper’s Drug Mart)
  2. Fill your brown bag with ¼ cup of organic kernels & ½ tsp of grapeseed oil*
  3. Fold down the top of the paper bag a few times until it’s almost folded to the bottom (it will unfold a bit in the microwave so you want to make sure it doesn’t unfold completely)
  4. Microwave on high for 2 minutes or until there is a few seconds between pops
  5. Pour into bowls, sprinkle with sea salt & ENJOY!!

*You can skip adding the oil in the bag, and drizzle olive oil or melted butter onto individual bowls once its popped

Now you can enjoy truly healthy popcorn and save some money!

You’re welcome.

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