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If you’re still buying Aunt Jemima’s butter flavor “maple syrup” it’s time to stop because there’s nothing local, natural or nutritious about it – make the switch to real maple syrup that’s produced in Ontario, and is 100% natural & healthy!

Maple syrup is one of my favourite sweeteners (along with coconut palm sugar) because not only is it delicious, but it’s good for you! I recently bought some from my girlfriend (her parents are producers in New Dundee, Ontario), and she gave me some great maple syrup information that I want to share.

Health Benefits
Real maple syrup is a good source of vitamins & minerals:

Manganese: gets enzymes working, which is important for proper digestion
Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin: metabolizes carbs & fat, which means it helps our body efficiently produce energy from food
Zinc: helps strengthen our immune system, and improves skin elasticity
Magnesium: improves calcium absorption, and is important for proper heart function
Calcium: important for healthy bones & teeth
Potassium: important for fluid balance, proper nerve function & muscle contraction

Use as your main sweetener
Maple syrup can be used in place of sugar or other sweeteners in most situations. You can use it in: baking & desserts, homemade salad dressing & marinades, drizzled on plain yogurt, or add to baked squash, turnip and carrots. And, when mixed with whiskey & pecans; it makes a delish topping for a baked brie appetizer (it’s a little rich to be an everyday snack, but perfect as a treat to bring to a holiday party if you want to impress your guests!)

100% natural
Real maple syrup is totally natural with no additives; it’s made from the sap of maple trees. Maple sap is collected using buckets or tubes, and gathered into a large tank where the evaporator boils off the excess water. The hot syrup is than filtered to remove any “sugar sand” or sediment, and transferred to large drums. You can purchase different grades of maple syrup, which include extra light, light, medium, amber or dark. The lighter grades have a delicate flavour (this is what I ordered from my friend, and it’s amazing) and the darker colours have a stronger maple taste.

maple sap tap 

Fun fact: it takes up to 40 litres of maple sap to produce 1 litre of maple syrup!

Make sure it’s legit!
Before you purchase your maple syrup, make sure it has a yellow stamp that says: Member of Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association. This ensures that your syrup was made using best practices, which means you’re buying a safe, high quality product.

If you’re interested in ordering maple syrup from my friend, you can email: richmond5@sympatico.ca or
call: 519.696.3551.
If you want to pick it up; they’re located in New Dundee which is close to Kitchener, or they can ship it. 1 litre of maple syrup is $20.


International Maple Syrup Institute

Ontario Maple Syrup

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