Get Hot Weather Ready

I know it doesn’t feel like it these days (it’s been raining in Toronto for 5 days straight!), but the warm weather & the long weekend is just around the corner. And with warm weather comes the joy (& reality) of wearing less clothes. We can no longer hide in our big sweaters and puffy coats; it’s the season of cut-off shorts, flip-flops, bikinis, tank tops and sundresses. In order to feel good in your summer duds here are a few healthy eating strategies that will help you stay on track, and maybe even lose a couple pounds before the season officially starts. 

Come prepared: always have a healthy snack in your purse, briefcase or gym bag. If you allow yourself to become ravenous you’re more likely to grab the first unhealthy item in site, or overeat. Also, eating small meals & snacks throughout the day (opposed to 3 large meals) keeps your metabolism revving all day, which can help maintain weight. Healthy snack options are: almonds with an apple, a Lara bar, or walnuts & dried apricots.

Leftovers: after cooking a meal, put half of it aside for tomorrow’s lunch; this will prevent you from over-eating at dinner, and you’ll have lunch taken care of, which will make your waistline & wallet happy!

Eat your greens: making a salad for dinner? Pull out a glass container and make a bit more for your lunch the next day!

Slow Down: eat slowly to prevent overeating – try and put your fork down between each bite. When you’re finished, wait 20 minutes before going back for seconds. 9x out of 10 you’ll realize that you’re satisfied from your first serving. This is a great strategy because not only does it prevent overeating, but it will help you learn to gauge your hunger levels. Remember to start with the right portions though!

Everything in moderation: allow yourself to have treats in moderation (ie. 1 glass of wine on a weeknight, or a small dessert) so you don’t feel deprived, and end up over-doing it on the weekend.

Get active! Working out combined with healthy eating will help you get rid of those last pesky pounds. If you don’t have time for the gym; go for a run or a brisk walk, and do push-ups in your living room when you get back. Push-ups are one of the most effective & efficient exercises. Using your own body weight; you work your biceps, back, shoulders, triceps & abs all at the same time! Start by doing them from your knees (try 3 sets of 15), and slowly work your way up to your feet. As soon as it gets easy; add more push-ups! Try and incorporate exercise into your schedule at least 3 times/week.

Have a great long weekend!

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  1. Brooke May 20, 2011 at 8:15 am #

    Yay!! Happy Long Weekend!!

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