Escaping the Cold

John and I are off to Jamaica tomorrow for a week! My mom, who is the best travel agent ever*, keeps an eye out for sales and we just couldn’t pass this one up. We’re staying at Couples Tower Isle in Ocho Rios, and I can’t wait to swim in the ocean, sleep in, eat yummy food, sip champagne, jog on the beach, and get a massage. The last 3 all-inclusive vacations we’ve taken have been with big groups of people for our wedding, and my 2 sisters’ weddings. While those vacations were amazing; this one will be just the two of us, and totally relaxing.

Everyone’s lives are so busy, and we often jam way too many thing into our already jammed packed schedule; leaving us in a constant state of stress. Do we do this because we want to, or because we feel we should? That’s an important question to ask yourself. If it’s the latter than consider passing on the next social engagment that comes your way, or, if possible, plan a warm getaway this winter.

Being in a constant state of stress is detrimental to your physical & mental health; it weakens your immune system and leaves you feeling burnt out. With the holiday season coming up it’s so important that you know your limit, and plan your social engagments within it. Don’t jam-pack your schedule with more than you can handle. This time of year is amazing, and you’ll miss it if you spend every day being stressed & anxious about what you “have to do” next.

*Quick plug for my mom: if you’re interested in getting away this winter contact:

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