Eat Your Veggies with a Side of Healthy Fats


Yesterday I gave Jack carrots for the first time, and he took them down like a champ! I steamed them, and than mixed them with some water and coconut oil.



The reason I mixed them with coconut oil is because combining veggies with a healthy fat actually improves our body’s ability to absorb the vegetable’s nutrients – in this case, beta-carotene.

When it comes to healthy fats, coconut oil is one of the best. Unlike other oils, it is a medium chain fatty acid (MCFA). This means it’s immediately absorbed into your liver, and your body starts using it as energy, A.K.A: your body starts burning it right away instead of storing it – it’s a fat that burns fat!

Adding coconut oil to your steamed veggies is one way to bring out the nutrients, but you can also make it your main cooking oil. Coconut oil has a very high burning temperature; it’s stable up to 500 degrees F so it’s safe to cook with.

Other ways to combine healthy fats with veggies is to make your own homemade salad dressing with extra virgin olive oil or toss some avocado, hemp seeds or walnuts on your salad!

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