Don’t be sorry it’s over…

…be thankful that it happened.

Well, this is the last weekend of our 8-month adventure. We move back to our life in Toronto next week.

Where have the last 8 months gone? I think back to December 27, 2011 when we left the cottage after Christmas, and had to say goodbye to John’s parents & our puppy. That was the first of so many goodbyes. Good-bye to our condo, our bed, all our stuff. Good-bye to my family, Canada. It was sad, but also exciting because we had no idea what adventures laid ahead.

The last 8 months have been an amazing experience, and part of me is sad that it’s over. We love to travel, so being able to travel while studying & working was awesome. It was also so nice to be with my hubbie everyday. We worked out together every morning, and had breakfast & lunch together everyday. I had the time to read nutrition blogs & try new recipes. Soon it will be back to the grind for me; I’ll have to start using an alarm clock again, eat breakfast at my desk, and workout on my lunch breaks. I’ll actually have to wear make-up & heels, blow-dry my hair, and put together a presentable outfit. I’m going to miss the days of no make-up, a messy bun & my lululemon uniform (John might not though).

Throughout the last 8 months I’ve written about things I’ve learned along the way. But if I could take away one learning from the last 8 months it would be: don’t take things for granted. It’s amazing how many of us don’t truly appreciate what we have until it’s gone. And it may not be the big things like family & friends (because most of us appreciate that), but it’s the little things that are overlooked, the things that are simply part of your life & routine.

I’m excited to move back to Toronto with a new appreciation for what I once considered the ‘same old.’ A few of those things will be:

-Having friends & family living in the same city (yes, I didn’t truly appreciate that!)

-Our home. Having lived in so many different places it’s amazing how much you miss your own space.

-St. Lawrence Market – a beautiful farmer’s market steps away from our condo

-Our king bed. I can do a queen, but a king is just that much more room to stretch out.

-Walking Fisher in the park. Dogs give you a reason to walk, and walking is so good for your mind & body.

-My wine glasses. I have really nice wine glasses that we got as wedding presents, and I miss them!

-A gym in our building (we walked 30 minutes to the gym in Buenos Aires!)

-Wearing make-up & heels, blow-drying my hair, putting together a presentable outfit, and working out a lunch 🙂

I’m also looking forward to the day when I’m walking to the subway on my way to work, and I think, what’s the alternative? And I’ll smile to myself with the reassurance that I know what the alternative is. And we didn’t just talk about the alternative – leaving our life to travel for 8 months – we actually did it.

P.S. A little update on my course: I just finished my last test, and all I have left to do is follow up on 2 case studies, and write the final exam – the end is in sight!

2 Responses to Don’t be sorry it’s over…

  1. Shanns August 23, 2012 at 7:14 pm #

    Laurs I am so proud of you, where have the 20’s gone its like when you decided to go to the Bud summer you went for it and never regreted it. Your little article just gave me tears glad you will be home closer to us so we can make some more great lifetime memories toghether, love you both always have. xoxoxoxo Shanns

  2. Lauren August 24, 2012 at 6:57 am #

    Thanks Shans – I always appreciate your positive & encouraging words. I’m so looking forward to being close to friends & family again – love ya, always have 🙂 xo

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