Simple Coconut Curry BBQ Chicken


During my pregnancy and since having my baby I’ve been including more meat (mostly chicken & fish) in my diet; not intentionally, but my body is naturally craving it. Meat is rich in iron; a mineral your body needs during pregnancy & breastfeeding.

In past posts, I’ve written about consuming meat in moderation – 1 to 2 times per week (I still recommend this for red meat especially if you have inflammation & digestion issues), but there’s also something to be said about “intuitive eating;” recognizing when your body is craving something. It probably means your deficient in a mineral or nutrient, and your body is trying to tell you something. You may be craving avocado (healthy fats), salmon (omega-3), chicken (iron), fruit (fibre) or Greek yogurt (calcium).

That being said, this doesn’t give you the green light to run out to McDonalds or Dairy Queen claiming your body was craving it.

Having been consuming more chicken, I’ve been on the hunt for simple, healthy & delicious chicken recipes. Life with my 8-week-old baby boy has been amazing, but it doesn’t leave me a lot of time to cook or try new recipes. That being said, I came across a simple coconut curry bbq chicken recipe from Chatelaine the other day that even I could handle.

You can prepare it on skewers as per the recipe or just marinade a few breasts or thighs and throw them on the BBQ. I enjoyed this chicken with my mother-in-law’s famous Raw Beet & Citrus Salad and Sweet Potato Fries. Simple & healthy – it was the perfect summer BBQ recipe – enjoy!

Simple Coconut Curry BBQ Chicken

4 organic or free-from chicken breasts or thighs
2/3 cup coconut milk
3 tbsp. curry paste (yellow, green or red)
2 tsp. honey
1/4 tsp. sea salt


Whisk together marinade ingredients in a bowl, and reserve 1/4 cup for dipping.

Pat chicken dry, and season with salt & pepper. Marinate chicken for 10 minutes or longer.

Throw the chicken on the BBQ, and serve with your choice of healthy sides.

Happy Summer BBQing!

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