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Hasta Luego Colombia!

Well, our time in Medellin, Colombia is almost coming to an end. We leave tomorrow for Buenos Aires, Argentina where we will be staying for the next 7 weeks. Colombia has been a great experience. We’ve tried (& loved!) the local food & beer, danced some salsa, learned a bit of Spanish, celebrated a Colombian […]

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Exercising with a Colombian Twist

Working out is really important to me. Not only for staying in shape & staying healthy, but for the mental benefits as well. When you raise your heart rate your body releases endorphins, which can be described as a natural anti-depressant. Sweating gets rid of built-up toxins, and you feel more energetic & sharp after […]

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You can take the girl out of the city…

I’m a city girl. My husband and I live right in downtown Toronto. I’m used to a fast-paced lifestyle where I can step out of my condo anytime and grab a coffee, go for dinner, meet friends for cocktails or get on the subway. And the only wildlife I come in contact with is the […]

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Cooking with a Colombian Twist

Since being in Colombia for 1 week now I’ve discovered some favorite foods that are readily available: avocado, beans, tomatoes & onions. Last night we made delicious chicken & steak fajitas with a Colombian twist. The first twist is the pico de gallo, which is basically homemade salsa, but better & totally natural. It’s a […]

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The Adventure Begins

We arrived safe in Columbia Colombia late Wednesday night, and it’s been amazing so far. We are staying in a farmhouse in the mountains, and everywhere you look is green & lush. There are tropical plants & fruit trees everywhere (I’m making a list & taking pictures of all the different types of fruits that I’m […]

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

I have some exciting news – my husband is going down to South America for 8 months for work, and I will be going with him! We will start our adventure in Columbia Colombia in January and than move down to Buenos Aires, Argentina for February & March. We will be coming back to Toronto in April […]

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Famine in Somalia

I was watching CBC this morning, and the UN has declared a famine in Somalia – “tens of thousands of Somalis have already died in the worst hunger emergency in a generation.”  They showed images of children & babies literally starving and it broke my heart. Here’s the article, and CBC has listed a bunch of different websites that […]

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So you may have noticed that I didn’t do a posting last week, but I have a good excuse – my husband and I were on a holiday in Spain. We spent most of our time in Barcelona and it is now one of my favourite cities in Europe. It’s right on the Mediterranean Sea […]

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