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Nourish Cookbook Review and Giveaway!

As a nutritionist, reading and testing recipes is a big part of my job. I peruse other blogs, scroll through Pinterest, flip through magazines…but sometimes there’s nothing better than the real thing; flipping through the pages of a juicy cookbook. I was recently asked to write a review on a new cookbook called, “Nourish – […]

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Mac and “Cheese”

A big part of my job as a nutritionist is finding healthy alternatives to classic (not-so-healthy) favourites, like mac and cheese for example. There’s something comforting about the warm, creamy, salty cheese sauce with noodles. Unfortunately, classic mac and cheese is either from a box and full of preservatives, fake powdered cheese, artificial dyes and preservatives, or […]

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One Last Soup Before Winter’s Over

Photo Credit Spring is just around the corner, and I can’t wait. Because of daylight savings the light has changed and memories of warmer days are coming back to me. The snow is melting, birds are chirping and I saw some little green stems poking out of the ground this morning. We still have a […]

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Want to Plan, Shop & Cook Like a Pro? There’s an App for That.

            A big part of my health philosophy as a nutritionist is that I don’t believe in diets or quick fixes; I believe in living a healthy lifestyle. What does that mean to me? It’s all about finding a healthy balance when it comes to food, eating and exercise (I always […]

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Tips to Successful Meal Planning

I always tell my clients that one of the most important factors in living a healthy lifestyle is to start meal planning. If you put the time and effort into planning and buying the groceries you’re more likely to make healthy meals from scratch rather than grab something quick and unhealthy in a pinch. Sit down […]

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Creamy Overnight (no cook!) Steel Cut Oats and Making the Best of Everyday

This past weekend we took a much needed weekend away to Mont Tremblant with some friends. Even though we didn’t ski (I would have loved to, but didn’t think it was safe being 24 weeks pregnant, and Jack’s a little young to start this winter) it was so nice to get away as a family […]

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Organic Chicken Noodle Soup

Photo Credit I love to cook, but I usually don’t make traditional old-school recipes like roast beef, casseroles or meatloaf. I like to cook veggie burgers, curries and hearty salads. However, the other day I made chicken noodle soup using the leftover carcass from my Easy Juicy Roast Chicken and I felt very domestic. The […]

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Easy Juicy Roast Chicken

Photo Credit One of the go-to meals in our house is a free-from roast chicken from Superstore with sweet potato fries and a salad. We have it every Monday. It’s easy, and provides leftovers for lunch the next day. Unfortunately, the free-from chickens aren’t available all the time, and I want to avoid the giant hormone […]

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Take the Daily Fruit & Veggies Challenge!

It’s been said that today is the most depressing day of the year; the excitement of the holidays are over, everyone’s back to work & school, and we have months of winter ahead of us. Happy New Year everyone! Instead of taking this negative approach, I prefer to view today as a fresh start. New Year’s resolutions get […]

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