Limit your Chemical Exposure

I don’t like being the bearer of bad news, but when I hear about something that could be harmful to your health I feel I should pass along the information.

There is a chemical called bisphenol-A or BPA that is used to make certain plastics & epoxy resins. It’s harmful to our health because it disrupts hormone function.  It mimics estrogen, which can cause cancer (ie. breast, thyroid and prostate), fertility issues, and developmental problems in unborn babies (greatest sensitivity to its effects).

The easiest way for BPA to sneak into your system is by ingesting it. You’re probably thinking; why would someone ingest a chemical? Well, it’s not on purpose. BPA is hidden in many common items that we use every day.

The good news: it can be avoided once you know where it’s hiding:

Plastic products
– water bottles
– lunch/leftover containers
– juice/water pitchers
– big water jugs (refills for water filtration systems)
– toys

– The lining of canned food & beverages

– Thermal paper, which is used for receipts

– Heating food in plastic containers: this causes the BPA to melt, and leach into your food

Take Precautions:

– Companies have started to become aware of BPA’s harmful side effects, and have started making more plastic products that are BPA-free. Look for plastic products that say “BPA-Free” and avoid plastic that has the number “7” on the bottom:

7 plastic




Switch to cans with a BPA-Free lining. One of the only companies that have BPA-free cans is called Eden Organics. They are $1 more each per can, but totally worth it in my opinion. They also soak their beans in kombu seaweed, which breaks down the phytic acid in beans; making them much easier to digest.

Eden Organics

– Make sure you avoid touching your mouth and eyes after handling receipts and wash your hands frequently especially after shopping. This is one of the most common ways that people ingest BPA

Use glass containers to store leftovers, carry your lunch or heat up food. There is a brand called “Anchor,” which makes different sized, glass storage containers with BPA-free plastic lids. They are often on sale at Canadian Tire.


It can be frustrating to learn that things you thought were safe or good for your health (ie. your water bottle or a can of chick peas) turn out to be harmful. Now you have to go out and buy new containers, or switch to more expensive food brands. But, you can feel good knowing that the changes you’re making will benefit you and your family’s health, and to me that’s worth the effort and extra money.

Toronto Star

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