Stay Moist this Winter!

It’s been a bit of a shock coming back from Jamaica to freezing cold temperatures. But it’s not only the cold that’s getting to me; it’s the dry air. I got so used to the humid climate in Jamaica, and now I’m drying up like a raisin. My skin is dry, my hair is dry, my eyes are dry, my throat is dry – you get the point. Yesterday I couldn’t take it anymore, and bought a humidifier.

We used to have a big, clunky one that involved changing the filter every 6 months, which was a pain and cost $40. I did some research, and decided on the Humio Humidifier by Tribest. Here’s why I love it:

-It’s small & cute (most humidifiers are a bit of an eye-sore)
-Doubles as a night light (you can use just the humidifier or just the nightlight or both)
-The night light changes awesome colours – purple, turquoise, fuchsia
-It doesn’t require a filter, just fill it with cool fresh water
-It gives off a refreshing cool mist that evaporates into the air and keeps you moist
-It’s quiet, but provides a bit of background noise while you sleep
-It was only $89 + tax at my local health food & supplement store
-It lasts for 10 hours, and automatically shuts off when it’s empty
-You can add essential oils to it like Lavender (calming scent) or Grapefruit

If you’re also drying up like a raisin I would highly recommend the Humio Humidifier to stay moist this winter!

BTW – we had a great vacation in Jamaica. It was so relaxing; we had coffee on our balcony every morning, played tennis, slept in, read on the beach, ate great food, had champagne & ice cream everyday at lunch…here are a few pictures from our trip:

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