Weekly Health Tip: Avoid the Appies!

We had a great time in San Francisco, L.A and Las Vegas, but after a week of travelling and eating out it’s definitely nice to be home. While travelling we ate most of our dinners out, which was great, but I realized an important health tip when going out for dinner: avoid the appetizers!

They add money to the bill, and pounds to your waist-line. When you’re eating dinner at home do you start with a plate of calamari? Probably not. If you’re on vacation and eating out consecutive nights in a row I would recommend avoiding the appies to save money & calories. Plus, it’s a great feeling to be hungry for your main – hunger is the best spice. If you’re going to start your meal with something, make it a salad. It’s a great way to get your greens while on the road, and it fills you up with fibre, not calories.

Here are a few pics from our trip!


Having fun at the Dreamforce 2013 marketing conference!


Touring downtown San Fran with my Colombian bestie.


Best part about eating out in California – local & organic food! Why don’t more places care about this??


Roam Burger had kombucha & organic milk shakes on the menu – this is my kind of place.


Quick stop at the Golden Gate Bridge before driving to L.A.


Beautiful drive down the Big Sur highway.


Love California menus: Organic green salad with avocado, fennel & pomegranate


Best quinoa salad – roasted tomatoes, olives & feta…I need to re-create this.


Quick stop in Santa Monica before heading to Vegas!


Backstage at Blue Man Group in Vegas – great way to end the trip!

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