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Detox – Day 2

Day 1 of detox was actually quite easy. I would say the hardest part for me was avoiding coffee, a sweet after lunch (there are Lindor chocolates everywhere in my office!) and a glass of wine while I was cooking. But I felt really good when I woke up this morning; the most awake and […]

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Detox – Day 1

I love the holiday season, but I don’t love how I feel after it’s over. I tried to stick to healthy food choices and I managed to squeeze in a workout here and there, but I definitely had my fair share of drinks, sweets and food. I realized that from December 16th – January 2nd […]

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Party Hearty and Healthy!

During the holiday season it can be really hard to eat healthy and find the time to exercise, which is why the average person gains 10-15 pounds between mid-December and January. So with all the holiday parties coming up it’s important to get educated and go in with a plan! First of all, make sure […]

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An Organic Apple a Day…

I’m an advocate of buying organic food. However, I’m also aware of the fact that most items are more expensive than non-organic. So, which foods can you get away with buying non-organic, and which ones are a must? I recently attended the annual Whole Foods Expo in Toronto and picked up a list from the […]

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The Other Big “O”

‘O’ as in Organic, just in case you were wondering. Before I started studying to become a nutritionist, and became aware of the importance of eating organic I thought of it as a trend. During my weekly grocery shops I considered the organic options, but I wouldn’t buy them because most options are more expensive […]

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