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Healthy Peach Crisp and a Cold Summer Soup

We’re at the cottage for the final time this summer, and I’m already starting to see signs of autumn – a red maple leaf floating in the water, the sun rising later & setting earlier and cold mornings & evenings. Despite the fact that summer is coming to an end (I don’t want to be a […]

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A Summer Twist on Burgers

Between cottage dinners, and Sunday lunches by the pool at my parents place, I’ve had some amazing meals this summer. One of the most memorable is my sister-in-law’s turkey burger recipe. Yesterday we switched it up, and used sweet potato rounds in place of buns and it was delish. It takes a bit more time, but […]

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Long Weekend Menu Ideas

I can’t believe it’s the long weekend in August already! This is my fave long weekend of the summer for a few reasons: it’s my birthday, we’re usually up at the cottage or camping, and I’m always with family & friends. When it’s beautiful outside the last thing we all want to do is spend […]

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Are you Getting Freekeh?

One of my biggest pet peeves is the misconception that all carbs are bad for you. Yes, white refined carbohydrates have no nutritional value, but there are many carbs out there that are high in protein, fibre, vitamins & minerals such as: brown rice, quinoa, wheatberries, bulgar, and my new favorite – freekeh. These healthy […]

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Do Kids Really Need Cow’s Milk?

  Photo Source These days it seems like the natural progression for kids, after being weened off breast milk or formula, is to move to cow’s milk. Children need a certain amount of fat and calcium to replace the breast milk or formula that they were used to getting everyday so cow’s milk seems like […]

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Simple Coconut Curry BBQ Chicken

During my pregnancy and since having my baby I’ve been including more meat (mostly chicken & fish) in my diet; not intentionally, but my body is naturally craving it. Meat is rich in iron; a mineral your body needs during pregnancy & breastfeeding. In past posts, I’ve written about consuming meat in moderation – 1 to 2 […]

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Easy Summer Quinoa Salad

I can’t believe it’s officially summer already! This time of year always makes me crave fresh, cooling foods, and as I mentioned in my last post; lately it’s all about foods that are easy to prepare, and healthy. The other day I looked around my kitchen, and threw together an easy quinoa salad that is […]

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Eat Like You Have a Newborn

Little Jack is 5 weeks old, and I feel like I’m slowly fitting more things into my day. In the beginning it was a win if I managed to brush my teeth. Now, I’ve made it out to do groceries, cleaned my kitchen, cooked a couple easy meals and watered my flowers (these sound like […]

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The Next Chapter…

Sorry for the break in posts, but my little one decided to come early on May 4th! We had a little boy – Jack, and we are IN LOVE with him! In preparation for his arrival I was feeling nostalgic and wrote a blog post that I never got around to publishing. Better late than […]

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How to Lose Baby Weight…the Healthy Way

I was chatting with a girlfriend the other day who had her second baby about 2 months ago, and she was frustrated that her body isn’t bouncing back as quickly as it did for baby number one. She filled me in on her daily eating & exercise regime, and I gave her some healthy weight loss […]

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